Sleeping Giant Music’s DJ Chris Cutz‘s The Partylife was featured in KNYEW’s Mixtape Mondays that released last Monday, April 25, 2011.

Special shout outs to KNYEW for the recent blog spotlight on SGM’s DJ Chris Cutz. Special thanks for showing SGM some love by supporting the recent release of his new mixtape “The Partylife.”

To KNYEW, we appreciate what you’re doing – bringing awareness about DJs, life, music, nightlife (& the list goes on).  We can’t thank you enough for the support, and most significantly, for spreading the word on the latest and greatest within the entertainment industry.  Much love and appreciation!

To view the full article, please visit KNYEW | Mixtape Mondays: DJ Chris Cutz

SGM is truly blessed to be working with amazing colleagues and others who make working every day in this business well worth the struggles and obstacles.  But us, DJs & Artists, must stick together in this crazy, collected concrete jungle.  So, SGM wants to take this time to thank you ALL for holding this DJ game/community down! … and that’s for real!