Everyone who participates in this business knows that it is driven by results. Club DJs around the city are under pressure to maximize their nights with guest lists and make sure they bring people to the door

Everybody can mix and keep a crowd, but do you bring that extra factor? With the power of social media, my timeline is flooded with clubs/promoters/DJs trying to promote their night. At times the posts can be overwhelming and stale. Here are a few suggestions to help better promote your event whether your the DJ spinning that night or the promoter.

1. Stop relying ONLY on Facebook invites especially with friends.
– This doesn’t work, and half the time you are inviting friends that are not in your city.
– A quick solution would be to take the time to personally call/text/email that person. The more personable you can be the better the chances your friends will come out to support.

2. Bad Flyers. Presentation is everything!
– If you are doing your own flyers for your events/club nights make sure its pleasing to the eye. If your flyer is not up to par, people who see it might not even consider coming out.
– I see tons of DJs out there who add there logo to an already existing flyer. This tends to be very tacky. I suggest calling the person responsible and see what they can do to make the change for future show flyers.

3. Think outside the box for getting people through the door.
– There are tons of different ways to get people’s attention through social media. Maybe it’s creatively using different outlets such as SnapChat and Vine.
– Some creative ideas I’ve thought of include running contests for guestlist consideration or drink specials. Just some incentive to get people out to the event.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you get more people to the door and on to the dancefloor.

Will Duka

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