Working on multiple social media platforms every day has allowed me to gain valuable insight on how social media should be utilized not just socially but more so from a business standpoint. While many artists realize that social media is a critical component to any overall marketing strategy, many don’t seem to understand that having your name on popular platforms simply isn’t enough. A artist needs to work their platforms effectively, or social media is likely to become another source of time and frustration, rather than the source responsible for moving you closer to achieving your goals.

In this time of constant evolving technology it’s not just about the music anymore, its just as much, if not more, about the image the artist promotes. The personal nature that social media offers, provides a sense of closeness for the fans and the more the artist contributes to their social media platforms, the more approachable they seem. Social media has become the press kit of the future, acting as a one-stop shop for photos, tour dates, discography, new music and much more. It is on you to make sure that your platforms are being run properly so that you can reach that next level of success. Here are some things I think artists need to consider when trying to evolve their social media image.

Branding. Be consistent across all channels. Make sure all platforms have the same name, color scheme, images, etc., that way fans can start to associate certain features with your brand. It is okay to be less formal on your social media but an artist must keep “their voice” conversational and consistent. ONE THING I would stress about branding an image is the importance of separating your personal social media accounts from your artist accounts. Artists should have separate Facebook, Twitter and any other accounts; one for their personal use and one that promotes your brand and image.

Content. Engage in CONVERSATION. Content provides the medium to help you engage in conversation and creating shareable content with fans can really benefit your brand. Fans want to get to know you as an artist so share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that interests you, that you think they would like.

Frequency. Post strategically and frequently but not constantly. No two social networks are alike, so you’ll need to decide how much time you are going to spend on each channel as well as what you’ll be doing there.

Engagement. Engagement should be considered in both its proactive and reactive forms. Putting the content out there is only half of the work, the other half is responding to those who comment and engage in your content.

Campaign. Regularly introduce new ways to engage fan. Create and implement new campaigns on a monthly basis around revolving themes and fan interaction. Give your fans something to look forward to!

Dana Berardinelli
Marketing and Public Relations

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