There have always been challenges within the music/event industry. Whether it be capacity issues, fire marshal, weather, or just plain bad luck we have always been one to survive the storm and come back stronger than ever. We have now experienced an epidemic that is one for the books and will be embedded in our minds forever. Let’s be honest, we love this industry and the world we live in. Music keeps the mind and soul balanced and it is all of our release from the everyday grind we call life. Throughout this issue we have had on our hands we have had time to reflect on the positives and appreciate the industry we all know and love. Not to sound like a cliché but we are all in this together and together we will get our industry back to where it needs to be. With that said, we have seen the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and things are coming back in full force so we have to support our artists, clubs, and events in order to turn that corner and get back to normal. Not the “new” everyone is talking about but the normal we are accustomed to.

Everyone understands that all people are dealing with this change in their own way and we should all support how they are doing this regardless of views outside the box. All of us want to get back at it responsibly moving forward and as an industry, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are resilient, stubborn, and enjoy music and events too much to let a little thing like a pandemic to keep us from it. The support all have shown with the drive-ins and live streams shows that as a collective we do support each other and the industry so for that we cannot thank you enough. Artists have come out of this with music that is absolutely insane! The creative process and minds of the most amazing people will now be front and center for all of us to enjoy. I am confident in saying that we will all be able to enjoy our favorite festivals, concerts, and club events soon. In closing, we are all family in the end, and supporting this industry is key to all of our success coming back strong. Stay well, be mindful of how people work their way back into it, and above all else have fun and enjoy the music.

Chris Lasoya

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