The music industry is constantly changing and it can be hard for artists to focus on making new music then, have to spend time promoting and advertising it as well. With Covid-19 still keeping away some of artists’ live performance opportunities, I have made a list here that can help you stay on track for making and promoting your music simultaneously.

Build Your Website and Email List

Having a website gives your fans a final destination to “gather” from all your social media platforms. This final landing spot sends people to all your merch, live show events, new music, blog posts, and subscription lists. When you have a website you can build an email list, this gives you the opportunity to send your newest songs and creations to fans that want to listen to them. Free downloads every once in a while also make a difference!

Get On Playlists

Spotify and Apple Music have become huge platforms where people are spending time finding new genres and artists that they enjoy. Being on these and interacting with your artist profile is important. Create playlists with your music and other artists that are similar to you and share these on your platforms (including all social media outlets). Using artists that are similar to you will help draw their fans over to you. Try to get on other playlists that are either generated through Spotify and Apple Music or are made by other artists that are in your genre. This will snowball effect finding new fans who already listen to music similar to yours and are more likely to listen to you after they have heard you for the first time.

Utilize Podcasts & Blogs

Podcasts have become increasingly more popular and useful these past couple of years with more than 20 million new listeners as each year passes. Several of these podcasts focus on new music, the music industry, and music news/updates. Reach out to podcasts that you think you would be a good fit for and see if they can add your songs into their rotation and or have you on for an interview to talk about new releases. Music fans will read blog posts that cover stories about emerging artists. Creating your own blog post or having a blogger write news updates about your new work can help create a solid foundation for your artists’ story and journey!

Social Media Platforms

All of these are always super important for artists but here are the main ones: Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch

Being active on social media makes you relatable to people that already love your work and to new fans coming to join. Posting your new works (even just little teasers) and keeping people up to date on release schedules can build excitement for new releases! Steady release dates and schedules are important. Build out a calendar and make sure you can hold and release new music on a reoccurring basis.

Ashley Matz

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