On this week’s episode of the ROAD Podcast, the crew sit down with LA radio legends and music producers, Nicholas Vidal and Eric V of The Baka Boyz. The Baka Boyz speak on creating their radio segment “Roll Call” which influenced Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’s east coast version, helping flip Power 106 in LA to an all hip hop station, and bringing underground hip hop to New York radio. They share stories of when JayZ refused to freestyle on their show, and passing on a Tupac feature on their “Cali Kings” mixtape. The Baka Boyz also talk being talent scouts, discovering radio stars like Big Boy, DJ E-Man and Uncle Tito . Nick recounts pursuing spirituality with his brand House of Sueno after the passing of his daughter, and the boys speak on losing both of their parents in the same year. They explain their fallout with Power 106 and navigating the Miami and San Diego radio markets in the 2000s. Finally, The Baka Boyz talk about getting back into the radio industry in 2012 and learning to help each other as brothers during their low points.