It’s no secret that TikTok is quickly becoming not only the newest source of entertainment for many but also a driving force behind the latest trends in the music industry. The app has already had a significant influence on the industry in many ways. Audiences are constantly finding new songs, artists, and soundtracking trends. The platform’s popularity is extending outside the site, with TikTok-popularized hits storming to the top of the charts.

Discoverability for artists and new music is now easier than ever, as this process now occurs naturally and users are exposed to more artists of different genres from all over the world that they may not have otherwise listened to. The music discovery continues off the platform as well, where users often keep streaming the song. This gives endless potential to almost any artist, as now more than ever, anyone has a chance at having their music organically picked up.

Creator culture is changing the way hits are made, how music is being promoted, and how the world discovers music. This stands true even for artists who choose not to engage with the platform. With decade-old songs now making a comeback and topping charts with an entirely new audience, it is clear that the power of social media is endless.

This does seem to pose a problem when artists start pursuing a viral hit on TikTok. Will this lead to a generation of music that is solely designed for profit? Either way, this is likely only the beginning of what is to come in terms of music production and marketing music. It’s evident the music industry is about to undergo a transformation.

Lauren Shapiro

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