On this week’s episode of ROAD Podcast, the crew welcome gourmet street food guru Roy Choi (owner Kogi BBQ and Best Friend) and prominent LA rapper/actor Dumbfoundead. The fellas talk about their mutual friend DJ Zo coordinating the interview, and Roy and Dumbfoundead speak on the different generations of Koreatown in LA. Roy shares his family’s rags to riches story with the start of his mother’s jewelry business and explains how his strong Asian family foundation pulled him out of a “poetic crack journey” in New York. Dumbfounded speaks about the battle rap scene with Project Blowed LA and the first time he experienced Asian racism. The crew debate on the strength of Korean support in LA with Bobby Lee and David Choe. Finally, Roy explains how networking within the food and DJ industry are similar and his thought process when programming DJs for his restaurant Best Friend.